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The mission of is to provide the largest selection of coin collector videos for those involved in this respected hobby. By traveling across the globe, gathering footage of different events and gatherings, we provide an unprecedented view of the coin and currency market as it is today. Our collection features more than 1,600 lectures on the topic of collecting with some of the most reputable collection personalities in the field.

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Cool Coins, Currency & Collectibles Summer FUN Coin Convention July 2019.

VIDEO: 11:08.

David Lisot, Interviewer, with John McIntosh, George Watson, & John Yasuk. Orlando Summer Florida United Numismatists Convention had some great collectible items. Host David Lisot finds out about Disney Dollars that include a 2005 Disney Mickey Mouse $50, 2005 Donald Duck $5, 1999 Minnie Mouse $10, and he talks to a dealer with bulk Roman coins that include a bronze Constantine I and Constantius I. Finally he talks to someone about the 1897 Philippines Silver Peso, 1936 Roosevelt Murphy Peso, Murphy Quezon Silver Peso, and the 50 centavo of that set.

FUN Summer Opening Ceremony July 11, 2019.

VIDEO: 3:11

Bob Hurst, President, Florida United Numismatists, David Lisot, Video Producer, Another summer coin convention for the Florida United Numismatists. President Bob Hurst introduces his Board of Directors and open the show.

Twelve Year Old Collector Shares What is Best About Coins.

VIDEO: 2:40.

Hunter Falkman, Young Numismatist, David Lisot, Interviewer,
There are many reasons to collect coins. Perhaps the best reasons come from the youngsters in the hobby. Twelve year old Hunter Falkman was brought to the Summer Florida United Numismatists Coin Convention by his grandfather. Hunter shares what is the best about coins.

“Treasure Trivia” at Summer FUN Inspires New Kid Collectors.

VIDEO: 2:52.

Sam Gelberd, Numismatic Educator, American Numismatic Association, David Lisot, Interviewer,
The Florida United Numismatists has a young numismatists program targeting kids of all ages. A representative of the American Numismatic Association, Sam Gelberd, helped with the program and shares what FUN and ANA do to inspire kids to get into coin collecting.

Summer FUN Coin Convention Offers Something for Everyone.

VIDEO: 2:26

David Lisot, Interviewer, with John McIntosh, George Watson, & John Yasuk.
Have you ever been to a coin convention? Not only are there coins to buy and sell there is much more. Find out a little of why people attended the Summer Florida United Numismatists Coin Convention.