World Money Fair 2016

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World Money Fair Attracts International Crowds as Largest Coin Show in Europe.

VIDEO: 3:02

Interviewer: David Lisot, with Alan Demby, South African Gold Coin Exchange, Robert Mish, Mish International Monetary Inc., Max Speigel, NGC, Mark Stephenson, PCGS, and Amalia Travaglini, Sales, Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato.

Participants at the World Money Fair talk about why they come to the convention and what helps make it one of the largest numismatic gatherings in Europe and the world.

China 2016 Berlin World Money Fair Commemorative Panda.

VIDEO: 7:11.

Robert Mish, Mish International Monetary, Inc., David Lisot, Video Producer,
Robert Mish describes the new Panda coin struck for the 2016 World Money Fair in Berlin. He talks about what was involved in getting the coin struck, how the theme was decided and the history for striking special Panda coins for conventions. Michael Chou is talked also about and how he discovered a set of rare Chinese coin dies made in Germany and how that figured in the new coin being created.

United States Mint Wins Coin of the Year & Other Awards at World Money Fair 2016

David Harper, Editor & Presenter, Numismatic News/ Krause Publications.
Rhett Jeppson. Principal Deputy Director of the United States Mint
Video Producer, David Lisot,
The prestigious Coin of the Year Awards were handed out at the World Money Fair in Berlin. The United States garnered not only Coin of the Year but also Best Gold Coin and Most Innovative Coin. See examples of these coins and find out why the competition generates so much attention for the world mints.

Rare Chinese Coin Dies Saved to Museum in Germany.

VIDEO: 5:51.

Ulrich Künker, General Manager, Künker Auctions.
Video Producer, David Lisot,
A rare set of Chinese coin dies made by Otto Beh has been donated to the Kunstmuseum Halle in Moritzburg, Germany. Michael Chou of Champion Auctions donated the dies after working with the Künker Auction firm in Europe. Ulrich Künker describes how the dies surface and how they ended up being saved.

Austrian Mint Issues First Platinum Coin.

VIDEO: 3:36.

Gerhard Starsich, CEO, Austrian Mint.
Video Producer, David Lisot,
Produced from 999.5 pure platinum, the new Vienna Philharmonic coin features the same award-winning design by Austrian Mint head designer Thomas Pesendorfer as its gold and silver counterparts. The coin, which is named for the world-famous orchestra, depicts the organ of the Musikverein concert hall in Vienna, the orchestra’s home, on one side and an assortment of musical instruments on the other. The new platinum coin will initially be available in 1 ounce denominations, and will be sold throughout Europe and in overseas markets including Japan and the United States.

PCGS Attends World Money Fair 2016 in Berlin.

VIDEO: 4:10.

Mark Stephenson, Vice President, PCGS.
David Lisot, Video Producer,
The Professional Coin Grading Service has offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia to grade coins and detect counterfeit issues. PCGS Vice President, Mark Stephenson, talks about third party grading and attending the World Money Fair in Berlin.

Largest Silver Coin in the World Features African Elephant.

VIDEO: 5:15.

Dr. Rolf Müller-Syring, Geiger Edelmetalle GmbH, Germany.
Video Producer, David Lisot,
This coin contains 1,750 ounces of silver valued at 1,000,000 francs issued by the Ivory Coast in Africa. Hear the fascinating story of this coin’s creation from the man responsible for its creation.

NGC Talks About Third Party Grading at Berlin World Money Fair 2016.

VIDEO: 2:21.

Max Speigel, Vice President Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.
David Lisot, Video Producer,
The first third party grading company to grade world coins talks about why they come to the World Money Fair and the need for grading and authentication of coins.

South African Gold Coin Exchange Reports at World Money Fair 2016.

VIDEO: 3:13.

Alan Demby, Chairman, South African Gold Coin Exchange/The Scoin Shop.
David Lisot, Video Producer,
One participant at the World Money Fair has been attending for the last 15 years. He is the one of the largest coin dealers in South Africa and talks about the market there and why he attends the World Money Fair.