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Memphis International
Paper Money Show
June 9-12, 2011

The Memphis International Paper Money Show is an annual convention that brings together paper money collectors from all over the world. This year's convention has the convergence of the beginning 35 years ago of the Memphis International Paper Money Show along with the 50-year anniversaries of the founding of the Society of Paper Money Collectors (SPMC) and the International Bank Notes Society (IBNS). We have video news from many of the attendees at the convention who talk about collecting paper money and the state of the currency market.

James Simek
Numisgraphic Enterprises
Interviewer: David Lisot
Jim attended the first Memphis Paper Show 35 years ago and has come regularly ever since. In this interview he shares his views on the new management of the convention, why people collect paper money and the effects of the economy on the market. Finally he gives suggestions for the new collector. [3:58]

Don Kagin & Sergio Sanchez
Paper Money Dealers
The expression is, "if you want to talk paper money you have to come to Memphis." Hear from two of America's most well known paper money dealers share why they come to the Memphis International Paper Money Show and the advice they have for new collectors. [2:49]

Tom Denly
Denly's of Boston
Interviewer: David Lisot
Tom Denly has been a paper money dealer for decades and knows the Memphis Paper Show from the earliest days. Hear Tom as he reminisces on the 35th anniversary Memphis show about some of the people he remembers from earlier conventions including the legendary Amon Carter and others who have helped promote the bank note collecting hobby. [5:32]

Andrew A. Shiva
Paper Money Collector and
Professor of Forensic Psychology
Interviewer: David Lisot
Andrew Shiva has assembled one of the most comprehensive and extraordinary collections of paper money. His desire as a collector is to share aspects of his collections with other collectors. At the Memphis Paper Money Show Andrew brought an extensive display of National Bank Notes that is considered one of the most complete in existence. Hear from this devoted collector what was involved in assembling these bank notes and see a close up of one of the most valuable pieces of paper money in existence. [7:51]

Harry Jones & Joe Sande
Paper Money Dealers
Both these veteran currency dealers have been coming to Memphis from the earliest days. They share some of their recollections about the show and how it has changed. They talk about the market and what collectors might want to know about how the economy has affected trading. [3:25]

Neil Shafer
Paper Money Writer, Researcher & Collector
Neil Shafer is one of the worlds' top author and researcher for paper money. His knowledge covers many of the world's more obscure bank notes as well as specialized issues from the United States. In this interview Neil shares why Memphis is such an important show for collectors as well his latest writing and research efforts. [3:36]

John & Nancy Wilson
Paper Money Collectors
John and Nancy Wilson have been in coin and paper money collecting for years. John is a past president and Nancy a past governor in the American Numismatic Association. They came to Memphis to volunteer and work at the ANA booth and encourage people to join a coin or currency club for collecting. They explain why Memphis is "THE" show for paper money collectors and why everyone would want to come to this show. [2:49]

Kurt Braun
SAFE Collecting Supplies
Interviewer: David Lisot
Collecting paper money is a process of procuring items from the past. Once these collectibles are assembled the preservation process becomes extremely important to protect these fragile paper items for future generations. Kurt Braun was the supply dealer at the convention who represents a line of archival product. He shares the factors a collector needs to take into account to best preserve their collection. [3:17]


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